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  1. my flowering cab dimensions are 2'w x 1'd x 3'h, would a 250w hps be overkill? i want good yields and my ventilation system is pretty good, i have a couple of 80cfm pc fans in it, the thermometer is 1 inch away from the current lights (6x23w cfls) and reads 86 F. i know the hps is gona put out more heat but If i keep my room cool could the cab keep the temps stable or do i sound stupid as fuck?

    thanks guys i appriciate the help, love this forum, the people are great:D
  2. come on somebody knows
  3. the reason you didnt recieve a response is because the answer your looking for is far too relative upon your equiptment,and its been previously answered just about every day here on gc. u could have a thousand watt in there with the correct ventilation but if you just go out and get a 250 and nothing to help you ventilate yes it will be far too hot but if you go to ebay and buy a bake a round for $10 dont let anyone rip u off lol then buy some ventilation tubing and an inline fan you will be gold except for the space it would be consuming but if you want to switch to hid you dont have much of a choice personaly if i were you id continue with cfls untill you have the space to use something better. because cfls dont get too hot and 86 degrees isnt that good.

    but i only own a 400w hps so i could be over estimating the heat produced by a 250

    good luck

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