Lighting For 2 Week Old Plants

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    I currently have 5 plants growing (3 Jack Herers at 2 weeks old, and 2 Kali Mist at 1 week old) and I'm wondering if I made a mistake with my lighting. They're all currently under CFLs, but I haven't been able to keep them under 24/0 lighting due to my setup (it's been more like 14/10 or less). I know flowering starts when the light cycle changes to 12/12, so I was wondering if they're going to start flowering early because of this. I have a 250w MH waiting to use and I could leave that on 24/0 or 18/6, but I read it's too early for the plants to go under this light. Is that true, or is that for higher wattage lights? If I put them under the MH at this stage can I prevent early flowering or is it too late? I hope this makes sense because I'm really tired. Thanks for any help.
    Edit: I just read the lighting will only trigger flowering once the plant is sexually matured (around 4-6 weeks) which explains why outdoor plants don't start prematurely flowering. Is this true?

  2. When mine are 1week old they go unded mh. They r probably not mature to flower. Put them under mh they will be fine

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  3. Thank you!

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