Lighting equipment question PICS INCLUDED

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Sinus, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. These things you can plug bulbs into. *PIC INCLUDED*

    Do you have to do any wiring to get these hooked up?

    How much do they cost?

    What are they called?

    Where can I get one?

    I have three clamp lamps with two 42w cfls and one 23w. I want to add at least three more 42w for my plants.

    Thanks in advance
  2. kasbhkbfkabsf fucked up the picture..... :eek:

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  3. huhuhuh these things

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  4. Hey Sinus Those things you are refering to are called Y Sockets if you live in america then you probley find them at WalMart
  5. thanks a lot man!

    now that I know it's walmart I know three things

    where to get it
    it's inexpensive
    and it smells like bacon

    do I have to do wiring?
  6. im interested in this too, i would assume you would have to do SOME wiring, im going to wally world today for food - So ill check it out, and if i find anything ill let you know.
  7. Sweet man, these clamp lamps I'm using are a pain in the ass. One fell and shattered a three dollar bulb! Then my cat rolled in the mercury and now she's trying to kill my family. I only have a few hours to find the antidote before she completes her satanic ritual and forever throws the world into a hellish state of violence and seduction.
  8. lawl.
  9. any word on these? is there wiring involved?
  10. hey man im using them for part of my grow. you can find them at any hardware store really its like 2.50 i ended up stealing mine cause well i do that a lot...i should start paying for things. but anyways the best way to go is with the clamp lamp what i ended up doing was taking off the clamp part and just stringing it up on hooks but you can also get things like
    but with those you have some wiring to do. im sure if you looked around in walmart or lowes you could find something you didnt have to wire up. GL man hope u have a good grow.
  11. i was asking for a friend who lives overseas, but i'm positive he'd appreciate it.. yepp old buddy who lives overseas, hehehe..



    cough cough
  12. if u didnt notice they used the clamp lighst then the y adapter...not too hard just plug it into the wall and wahlah...let your daughters have light
  13. what brand of lights are these and whatkind are they, are they grow lights or those energy savers?

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