Lighting costs!

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  1. Just got a 400 watt hps light with a MH conversion bulb and I want to know since I just moved into my place in Massachusetts is how much do you think it will raise my electric bill assuming you had to say. I would give my rate but I am not currently living there yet so I guess I'm just curious if you guys think it will be expensive and or noticable by the electric company? I would appreciate anyone that is willing to help me on this vauge question.
  2. If all your using is a 400w hps bulb I would guess your bill will go up $30. The thing about it is you will also need timers, fans, heaters, carbon filter to keep the smell out unless you don't care. I pay an extra $100 give or take per month. Here is what is in my room

    1000w hid
    650 btu a/c
    150 watt portable heater
    275 cfm dayton blower
    2x booster fans
    2x 90w CFL grow lights
    3x oscilating fans
    2x 24 position timers
  3. If you use CFLs in all your household lights, you might actually save enough energy so that the 400W is hardly noticeable.

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