lighting costs on 150watt hps?

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  1. i am running my 150watt on 24/0. i want to know how much my increase will be.

    there has to be a chart somewhere but i cant find it.

    please help!
  2. Depends on what u pay for a kilowatt hour is on your elec bill.150 watts u shouldn't even notice. at 10 cents kwh its $2.00 a month roughly(i'm not doin the math)
  3. wow i hope so lol
  4. well best thing to do is look at what your supplyer charges per kwh ,mine is 13.8 uk pence per kw per hour so i am running a 400 w light on 18 hours per day

    so lets see -400w = 0.4 kw x 18 ( 18/6)= 7.2 kw per day - 7.2 x 13.8 = 99.36 pence per 18 hous of use.

    if i were running a 150w 24h it would be

    0.15 x 24 = 3.6 kw per day - 3.6 x 13.8 pence per kw = 49.68 pence per day ,thats around 71 cent in usa money .

    hope this helps and not to confuseing lol
  5. ok thanks that helped
  6. iwas thinkin more like 40cents a day.I guess thats 20.00 a month decimal in wrong place
  7. Im running two 150's along with a 200cfm fan... dont use more than an additional 10 bucks a month tops..

    My Grow - 2 x 150hps Closet Grow

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