Lighting conundrums?!?!?!

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  1. Ok, so at present i have a tent that measures 80x80x160, a 5" fan with rhino filter and for the lights i have 1x 300w cfl and 2x 85w cfl's. I'm currently running 3 plants under these and my previous run wasn't that bad but then again....... it wasn't as good as i'd have hoped. Opinions have differed greatly as to whether i should get more cfl's and keep the energy consumption, heat and cost down or just bite the bullet and go for a nice 600w HPS and a cool tube and then use the old cfl's for a veg box.

    So, could someone please tell me.....
    a) does a 600w HPS actually consume the same power as 600w's of cfl lighting, i.e does it cost the same to run both setups?

    b) how much more heat can i expect from a HPS with and without a cooltube?

    c) will 1x 600w HPS give more usable light/lumens than an array of wisely placed cfl's of the same wattage?

    I'm loathed to buy over £100 worth of gear only to find that it's essentially going to make my tent a smouldering hot box as i found that my temps went up by about 6-8 degress after adding just 2x 85w cfl's and they now run at about 83 degrees with the door shut so don't really want to be going up too much more, although i am going to start using an eXhale bag so should be alright in the higher

    Thanks in advance peeps ;)
  2. i done a few cfl grows and just recently got a 600w hps. the difference in light is massive. upgrade i say if ya can keep the temps in check. the cfl costs pennies a day to run. the hps at 18 hours a day costs aboot £1.50
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