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  1. 111.jpg

    The 1000w cmhs are "designed for 5' on center spacing overlap grid"
    Is this overdoing it or will it work all right?

    Other ideas?
    I'm tinkering with the setup idea

    I thought of swapping the 4x 1000w for 6x 630 , as it should have a better penetration.

    Any input welcome

    cheers !
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  2. The wattage works out for the square feet but the heat, OMFG that’s gonna be toasty. If you already own those I’d say use them.
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  3. I own only the hps for the moment.
    What would you suggest as an alternative?
    Was thinking if the cooling doesn't work good enough (im running a pretty generous iso max tho) to wrap the hps in cool tubes, or leave them out entirely
  4. I would use ur 3 600w hps and get some qb to fill out the rest of space. If your not into qb I’d stick with all 600w
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    QB ?

    can you be more specific ?

    I think i never heard of it

    U mean Quantum Board?

    Something like HLG 550 V2 ?
  6. CMH do run cooler than HPS or standard MH of the same wattage, but it will get warm in there still.

    Quantum boards are probably the best things out there. If you want to read about them, check out HLG's site to at least get an understanding of their benefits. Heat control is definitely one of the advantages along with many more.
    They are pricey though, so if you already have the gear, I would run it if I were you.

    There is always the Alibaba option. I went that route and saved a bunch. If you have more questions, lots of people to help in here.
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  7. Yes. But order from alibaba. Hlg cost twice as much for the exact same thing
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  8. Thanks ! much appreciated !

    could you guys put up some links of good products on alibaba?

    How do you know its not a dud?
  9. I can confirm Shenzhen Meijiu Lighting Co is a good source. Rita Fang is my go to girl there.

    Another called Bava and another called KingBrite. If you want full spectrum panels with IR and UV, and pretty much any combo you want, KingBrite is good for those.

    These are what I use. I have 3 sets of these. 2 boards per set, 800 diodes per board. Each set handles 600w (actual watts).

    One of these sets:
    600w Fotop 800 Grow Tent Complete Kit For Veg And Bloom - Buy Grow,Grow Tent Kit,Grow Tent Complete Kit Product on

    Those are older V1 Samsung diodes but they still rock.

    Two of these sets:
    Meijiu Rita Fang Quantum Board 800v2 Samsung Lm301b With Red 660nm Led Grow Light Vertical Farming 600w - Buy Samsung Lm301b,Rita Fang Quantum Board,Hydroponics Growing Lights Product on

    Those are newer V2 Samsung diodes with added far red 660nm for flowering. Awesome lights.

    Maybe the others can share what they found or use....maybe suppliers that are good. It was daunting for me the first time but I found Rita Fang and I have spent a bunch there and I am very happy.
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  10. Thanks man !!
    You rock ballz !!

    After a good hour of drowning between numbers (my head is spinning haha) i landed my eyes on these ones

    Pre-assemabled Hlg 550 Lm301b Qb288 Quantum Board V2 Led Grow Light Full Spectrum 480w For Flowers - Buy Quantum Board V2,Hlg 550,Qb288 Product on

    It packs the most w per $

    What do you guys think?

    Looks almost too good to be true , same performance offered at 1/3 of 'normal' price.

    There must be a catch :icgreen:

    I've peeked in other threads people talk down lots the cheaper alibaba imitations
  11. @PhenoMorph

    Have you already been through a run with these QBs?

    I know it has many factors, but was the g/watt satisfactory?
    On par with what the hlg550 seems to do, around 2 ?
  12. I am not sure who it was, but one company used to be the actual producer of HLG'S lights. HLG had them printed in China, then shipped over, a couple holes drilled in them then a 'Made in the USA' sticker attached. HLG now supposedly prints their own.
    The others in China copied that tech and started printing their own.

    You've seen my current plants under them.

    I have had one full run with just these boards. I screwed up and had a major P deficiency so it hampered my entire crop a bit. Eventually some went real yellow by the time the P def advanced. P is what gives you weight, so I really sand bagged these things right from the start.
    20190617_033438.jpg 20190620_150447.jpg 20190615_191513.jpg 20190622_184430.jpg 20190615_191513.jpg 20190622_184516.jpg 20190620_150818.jpg 20190615_233008.jpg 20190615_232959.jpg 20190617_033950.jpg 20190627_170018.jpg

    That pile on the counter is from the one that had a picture taken in front of my tv. Just over 6 oz. of good tops.

    If you stick with Bava, Kingbrite or Meijiu, you should be good. People are always gonna talk shit. Some on here probably have affiliate links to Amazon suppliers that sell HLG stuff so sales in China don't help them, some may be actual HLG dists or reps so same thing, and some are just p.o.'d they paid twice the price for the same tech.

    They work.

    Those ones you linked should be good. Looks like right supplier.
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  13. And that run was in organic soil, except for the occasionaI tea, I fed those things just water.
    No hydroponics. No aeroponics. No DWC. Just ProMix and organic goodies.
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    Oh boy those light look slick af.
    Awesome buds , even with deficiency !

    I'm really attracted but a little scared to transition into soil from coco rtw myself.
    All this nutrient thing is bs.
    Effective, but synthetic.

    What was your transition like ?

    About the lights:
    first @PhenoMorph let me thank you heaps for your input.
    you're saving me money AND troubles with alibaba :):)

    I think i'll probably settle for these
    I like the added UV (even if I read that reptilarium uv lamps do good also?)

    2019 Top Selling Samsung Lm301b Mix Cree Xpe Red Far Red Uv 390nm Full Spectrum Indoor Led Grow Lights For Sale - Buy Led Grow Lights For Sale,Top Selling Led Grow Light,Far Red Led Grow Product on

    being 4x4 what they cover in flower, means I can jam 9 of them in a 12x12 and flick the hps out the window?
    Or thats an overkill?
  15. It can be tricky first going to organics, but I find it far more forgiving than feeding chems.

    I use a wick draw system now, so my plants sit on a pile of rocks in an oil drip tray, and some nylon rope wrapped around in the soil comes out the bottom of the pots. Capillary action draws the solution up the rope and into the soil.
    It's more forgiving than top feeding, slower action. Doesn't compact the soil by always feeding from the top.

    Organics can be tricky because you want a wet dry cycle, but not to the same degree of dry I have found. Going too dry hampers your microbial activity. So I decided to try this old tried and true method (been around a loooooong time), which I have used in the past to great success even with chem fed soil. Slow draw seems to keep everything nice and smooth. And it also acts as a catch tray for any runoff.

    You gotta kind find what works for you, but lots of great threads for advice. I am new to organics so I may see things like that P deficiency here or there. I'm not the best to take all your organic advice from, I am sort of experimenting with it myself still, so a grain of salt.

    Those lights look freakin' badass lol! I love the IR and UV option. Looks like they have it all covered. I'd have to do the math on your grand plans for a 12x12 but yeah, HPS/MH offer no real advantage anymore except heat in a low temp area.....that's really about it.

    You want about 30-35 W /sq ft with these lights. Hit that, you're golden. Go with even higher wattage and throttle down, and now you're laughing.

    That's how I like to do it. By severely overpowering, it allows me room to let the plants get bigger, move the lights a bit, turn them up a bit to compensate for the extra sq footage, and still be laughing with throttle to spare. And heat issues are virtually non-existent unless it's absolutely roasting outside and the house is hot. Those days I dial them down a couple notches, and lower the lights a few inches and leave the fan on and they don't even notice.

    Basically since dropping hps, I never sweat in there anymore. I slog less water. I don't have crispy leaves. I can hear myself think in my room as opposed to fans on ballasts and cool tubes, no ducting in my room wrapping around everything......there is just no comparison.
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  16. And another winner for you sir !
    I was reading your words like holy scriptures haha

    Thank you once again.

    I love that up dripping capillary system with soil, what a work of art ! :D

    It's like a soil dwc, plenty of oxygen from the 'dry' area and always available water from the bottom, let the plant adjust itself. Love it.

    I might give it a go in a little tent to see how it feels and maybe one day do the transition.

    OK SO !!
    Ill give it a go to alibaba, pretty hyped about those ir/uv , and hopefully write a nice report once things roll out.
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  17. Nice!
    Yeah my plants seem to be loving it and the lights.
    You should be happy with those.

    Thanks for the kind words too!
  18. Just for giggles.
    Here's a shot of my heatsink temps right now. All 6 of them are within a couple points of a degree to eachother. 20190730_085219.jpg

    Now imagine them being the hottest thing in my room. Now imagine a fan blowout, or a thermostat failure. (I had a fan blowout recently actually)
    It's only gonna get as hot as the hottest heat source.
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    that is neat !!
    For a 600watter ? wow that's a dream !

    Makes me consider the option of co2 enriching.
    Air cooling AND air conditioning always looked quite dumb to me.

    28celsius ...unbelievable.. love it.

    I'm curious the ones i picked what temp will they operate at.

    I also love the 50k hours.
    I basically can gift them to my kids lol
    Plus 3 years warranty from a reputable verified alibaba shop.

    Looks like its game time
  20. On a side note

    I couldnt avoid noticing that you are not resting the driver on the "heat"sink, but remote?

    Does that make any difference?

    Also maybe is the pic but aren't the lights quite close to each other?

    Is it because of the better efficiency if dimmed?

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