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  1. if i change the lighting spectrum does it create changes in stress in the plant. i can not find info. so say my cunt computer didnt erase what i just wrote before i had to rewrite this message because its a cunt and on the rag.

    if i go to say from LED to cmh to HPS or any of those combinations in shorter periods of time. say during flowering, within short periods, or at anytime really. does SWITCHING light spectrums create a nutrient deficiency or a period of time where a plant has to change over to the spectrum to process things differently creating more lag.

    also say blue led to red. then cmh. etc. shorter amounts of time. will a plant still just grow grow? or will it take on a period of stress and adaptation. the only beneficial ideas i could find on that kind of subject was some dudes from lithuania who discovered things in vegetables. Growing Plants with Colored Light Changes Their Nutrient Content so obviously it can most definitely adversely or not effect plants nutrient absorption and processes in some way.
  2. i dont mean to reply for myself, but. i guess with a name like that i could say i have "rhoid rage". or tell people i just got a hemi.
  3. Im not sure, how far into flower is it? Why do u want to change the lighting? I would say it is not a good idea to change the lighting that far into its life cycle, but who knows mabey it will be just fine, ive never done that or heard of anyone changing thier lighting in the middle of flower cycle. Good luck sir
  4. Imo the plant will just soak up any light you got to offer her the biggest factor in hermaphrodite is poor/bad genetics.
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  5. you can find the truth on youtube, Dr Bugsbee light spectrum. I always noticed great stress going from mh to hps, But it was good stress from veg to flower. I do not notice stress going from 4000k to 3000k. Makes me think stress may be more related to source change than spectrum change.
    But the stress we are talking about is just a hiccup and in 4 days everybody has adjusted. The Bugsbee findings showed no difference in yield from blue to red, and really only difference in plant shape. I love my 4000k for veg and 3000k for flower.

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