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Lighting bowl with hemp

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I picked up a big roll of hemp twine, the ones you can make hemp bracelets out of for 5 bucks from wal mart. Its much cheaper than the bee line. I just light it on fire and hold it over my bowl and it stays lit. does anyone else do this? and is it safe?
  2. Hemp twine from Wal-Mart. Hmmm. Why do I have this feeling that it's not just hemp.
  3. It is lol. Its just those spools of hemp that you can make bracelets with and what not.
  4. How much what? If price i said $5, and if how much do i get. It's a spool about the size of a grapefruit maybe a little bigger.
  5. Have you tried beeline or the other brands? How dose walmart hemp compare to the others
  6. what are you talking about op
  7. I dont know i've only tried just regular hemp, i'm sure the beeline is much better
  8. all these responses suck. this one does too though sadly since i can't answer the question :(
  9. ? I'm talking about hemp, you buy from the store, to light your bowls with.
  10. + - rep if i can figure out how.
  11. Yes, yes they do.
  12. Sorry...I'm sick of stupid questions.:cool:
  13. wasn't really directed at you..but i was interested in the answer too hence why i'm posting here lol.
  14. Odds are, unless it specifically says that it hasn't, it's very likely been chemically treated during processing. Even if a product says 'organic', that doesn't necessarily mean anything without the right seal/label.

    If you can't afford the real deal, it's much cheaper (and more safe!) to save and wash your stems, then make your own. :)
  15. Its safe it its hemp**. A buddy of mine used to pick up spools of it and rolled the string in either honey or wax (or a mix of both? Dunno, forgot) to get the flame to burn slower. Thats really the only difference between yours and beeline; bee line will burn slower.

    ** BadKittySmiles is probably right; its 5$ and from walmart.

    Kitty, got any tips or links towards making ones own hemp? Haha
  16. Well do you think it's dangerous if i smoked two bowls with it? What do you mean by save my stems? lol
  17. These are the type of questions that Google was invented for...Day after day, month after month, year after year...The same fuckin' question pops up that could have been easier to find an answer to if they just Googled the fuckin' question.

    I'm a bit drunk.:cool:
  18. got a guide or anything for making your own? i've been saving all my stems and don't really have any use for them..

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