Lighting and Ventilation

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  1. I have decided to light my 77"L x 25"W x 57"H grow space with 2-600 watt hps for maximum light. I am assuming I will need air cooled reflectors and fans. I have heard that glass tubes will cool better but that glass enclosed reflectors produce a better light pattern.

    1. Is this the maximum amount of light for this space?

    2. What type of reflectors would you recommend?

    My venting is also complicated. No air conditioning. I have 45' of ducting to run with 6 turns. The first 25' can be any size, the last 20' needs to be 4" ducting. I have a 465 CFM ActiveAir Blower I can use, but I know it is not great for ducting.

    3. What size ducting for the first 25'?

    4. What type and how many additional fans will I need?
  2. You can never have too much light. You can have too much heat. I would be more worried about heat

    your four inch fan is going to run full blast all the time

    might as well as just use four inch the whole way and get a cool tube from htgs. Gonna need reducers with such a small fan

    or you could just use the four inch just to cool your light and purchase a six inch just to pull fresh air into your grow space and filter the air
  3. Do you think this will work?
    465 CFM ActiveAir Blower as intake for the lights to
    6" duct for the first 25' to
    400 CFM 6 inch In-Line Fan to
    20' of 4"
  4. not quite following why you need two inline fans in the same run.....

    you only need a single fan... the 465 is just perfect for what your trying to do...

    just make sure that your intake temp is as low as you can get it....
  5. I thought that with 45' of ducting and six turns I might need another fan. I will save my money and try it with just the 465CFM. I can always add another later if needed.

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