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  1. Okay my q? is this. I've read that to increase potency you can light your plants 24/7 for up to 3-5 months to stop them from flowering until up to five months making the buds killer, is this true. For instance , what would be a good dependable cyle for growing, then vegging? I've read so many differing methods I'm confused now. Thanks for any help Always appreciated:smoking:
  2. Vegging the plant for longer will increase yield, but potency potential is genetically determined. You can choose to veg it under 24hr light for as long as you want. Once you switch to 12/12 for flowering, you have to wait until the plant is ripe, and you can't wait too long after it's ripe.
  3. Veg: 18/6
  4. Not meaning to nit pick, but you did mean 24/0 right? 24/7 would be on 24 hours off for 7. If not, do you have the link? I'm a bit of a research hound

  5. Ok, thanks man so, what would you recomend then for a good timing cycle? 24/7 for 3 months then switch? Or just 18 on a day till flowering? Thanks again appreciate the patience

  6. Ya I meant 24/0 like 24 a day always on up to 3-5 months.
  7. Ahh cool thanks b herb & everyone , thanks a lot :wave:

  8. So if you got a good potent strain, yield is the only factor really in this? K thanks. Just takes me a lil while to wrap my brain around it.. Thanks man
  9. The leaves can absorb light for 20 hours, then the (insert botany term) close for 4 hours.

  10. Think about how tall you want them to be. Veg them under 24 hour light until they are 1/2 to 1/3 of your target height. Then switch the lights off 12 hours a day, (you need darkness for those 12 hours), the plant will stretch noticeably and should end up doubling or tripling in size.

    Some people want to veg longer to increase yield, so they tie down branches, or run shoots through a screen in order to take advantage of the full area w/ out having to have buds all the way at the ceiling.
  11. 24 hours of light can cause your plant to be a hermi. Which is exactly what it sounds like. It's a male and a female. And, that's bad.

  12. Great thanks man ,so much . so I might want a scrog / screen huh? K cool
    Thanks guys

  13. So like u said 18/6 then 12/12 right?
  14. yeahup.
  15. The two (24/7 and 24/0) are used interchangeably, obviously both would imply 24 hours of light, meaning no darkness. 24/7 is an expression to mean "always", 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. ;)

  16. Thats the first I have ever heard of this theory. I have grown everything under 24 hr light during veg and never had a hermi. Granted, I only have 20 or so plants under my belt, but wow. Do you have any citations to back up this claim?

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