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  1. Alright, so ive been searching awhile but I can't seem to fully grasp it yet...

    Question is, Say you have 20,000 lumen, and you wanted to grow 5 plants, okay so you go thru grow 5, done. Would the growth rate be the same if you were to do 1 plant 2, 3,4 in the same area? What I am kinda asking is if you have one light capable of producing 2 plants, would the same before if you grew 1? 3500 per plant is alot, so say you have a plant taking up 50% usage of the light for its growth, would two plants grow just the same? would a 10,000 lumen bulb grow more than 4 plants? Distribution Distribution Distribution, sorry not sure how to explain, any input would be very helpful.
  2. if height is not an issue you could grow one- two plants veg 30 days and prob get a better yeild than if you grew 5 with that light should be about 7,500 - 10,000 per
  3. or you could bend -train mayby get 3 plants
  4. well is each plant sucking up a fraction of the total lumens? Is each plant you add the less lumen available? Or is each plant in a sq. ft. vicinity, say you had two in the same sq. ft. not taking away lumens per say from one another just using what ever total lumens given, so if you had 50k lumens, and two plants in the same area, would they both respond to it as if it were 50k lumens, or would it be down to 25k per plant?
    what is the light being taken away? obviously it depends on the plant size as well, but for generally speaking.

  5. It depends.
  6. Same size, strain, the whole works. In a any given controlled experiment, I am just trying to understand the science or jist of it and how it works in that aspect.

  7. I think the most general thing that can be said is that there will be an "overcrowding" point beyond which yield will drop. Under that point, it should simply take longer to veg out a smaller number of plants to cover the same lighted area with the same number of bud sites.

    2 or 5 plants I don't think matters for yield per watt (lumen, PAR, etc.) per sqaure foot, but it will usually take longer to veg less plants to yield the same. So, then, if we look at yield per watt per square foot per month (day, week, year, etc.) then more plants up to the "overcrowding" point will yield more over time versus less plants.

    I have yet to see any real controlled experiments on this, though.
  8. You know, you raise a very good point and a new view to look at it for me, thanks. I guess it would all go depend on plant, area, lights, everything, would be nice to have an equation, I have saw those calculators but I'm looking for a little more info than that, would be nice to have a program run through the motions for you so you could just plug it in and watch your crop grow in 30 sec. and adjust it to optimum efficiency and apply it to real life.:hello:

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