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  1. im will be growing in a 5 gal bucket i dug into a durt area in my basment crawlspace. I have one plant and right now its about 1" high and the starter round leaves are begininng to die starting today. Ive been rotating it between being on a window cill in my room and during the day and under a 15 watt flourecent light in my room from 6:00-12:00. My questions are, im going to be growing in a cold area(underground 52*) and i was wondering how to keep the temp up should i have a regular light to make heat and have the flourecent to light. also shoul i color the light blue for better light spectrum?
  2. your going to need moore light then that.15 watts is not enough light for even one plant and its florecent......poo
    :(how much space is there in between your plants nodes i would think it would be streched with only a 15 watt floro on it u should either get a 70watt hps or if money is tight get some more florecent light get like 80 watts off it or something there for the cold u should get a heater if it is too cold in there.check the temp and see how cold it is im not sure the exact temp for how warm it should be someone else here can help u with that
    how old is the plant?
    and coloring the bulb blue is not going to do anything
    ps:u should post a pic of ur set up it would just be easy for everyone to help u:)

  3. yea, you'd need at least a couple 40W flouros and maybe a space heater to keep the temp up?
  4. thing is i cant fit big 4' tube lights in because its in a 5 gal bucket if i can find 1 footers i acn put 4 of them in horizontaly around the inside of the bucket thet would be ore than enough watts. the plat is around 2 weeks the setup isnt complete yet it juts a hole filled with fiberglass insulation then a bucket cradled in the fiberglass. Im going to make a lid and put dirt over it. i will have ventelation. I need this because last time i thought my dad never goes in this area then he needed to do plumbing and found my 2 plants because they wer out inn the open so this time im burrying it. here are some pics i just took check out the potential of this room if i can just put a big piece of machinery in front if the door that looks imovable but moves out of the way( im a custom car guy so big stuff is needed) I can build a sick hydro grow room and its already Divided so i can have the main veg room then the smaller one for mature plants! The rooms are about 5x9 and 10x9. the pics arent nice but i just ot started abour 2 weeks ago. The soil s compost dirt i sifted and cooked to kill germs. And how does my baby look to you guys, healthy ? :D its around 2 weeks old.
  5. That plant looks 2 days old not 2 weeks...what kind of light is that on it?
  6. Do you live in a pit or somthing? damn that place gives me the spooks, reminds me of the place i used to sleep when i was just a child.. haha j/k if ur gonna use FLORO get a lot, the best light is the "Lights of America" work lamp.. pushes 500w, and does not get hot. u can find smaller floro at wal-mart, and floro light bulbs in home depot.. peep my setup on this page...
  7. hows the yield with floros only? isnt it smaller? how much was the 500 watt lights of america ?
  8. i think its so small because the soil is verry hard from cooking it to ill the germs. i think i should have put in some peat moss and those foam balls mabey even the little chips of that mineral stuff i think mika?
  9. they cost 27$ at walmart.. The other floro Bulbs range from 7-14$ a peice..At Home Depot. i just added more light yesterday, each bulb is 19w but = 65w and pushed 1100 lumens from each bulb..I think DAYLIGHT Floro bulbs are the best, as u see i have 2 yellow floro's i am changing them Asap.. Here is a new pic. The black bag at the bottom is so i can see what sex the plant is be 4 flowering..(thanks sid)

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  10. the less yellow the better, right? im shooting for a more blue daylight tone for more yield? how does the thing witth the bag work what do you look for after you put the bag on? thanks
  11. the bag is for Sexing the plant, to see if its gonna be a male or a female befor flowering the plant on the 12 on 12 off stage.. because if u have a male ur just waisting your time growing it.. Thats why i hope i dont have a male. ill be pissed
    The bag is covering 1 set of nodes, the last set on the stalk. what it does it keeps that area of the plant in the dark, for a few hours a day wich forces the plant into flowering over time.
  12. and yea, u wanna get DAYLIGHT.. i mean there both floros its almost the same, just a lot brighter.. the light is almost white, with a blue tint. and for yeild, i dont know anything about that yet.. this is my 1st grow ever..
  13. how old is the plant in the pic?
  14. hey k here it is the 'blue'spectrum of light is better for your veg time.and it is better way better to have a 'red' spectrum of light for flowering but thats your choice u can use a light that gives off a blue spectrum while flowering to i think but dont expect much from your plant but anyway i think im right i could be wrong but im pretty sure im wacked :)
    guys am i right?

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