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  1. Need a little advice on lighting for my first grow.

    I plan on doing a couple of bubble bucket grows in a small grow tent, tent is only 2' deep - 3' wide - 5' tall. I'm torn between running a 4 t5 tube lamp, or throwing in a 400w HPS/MH setup.

  2. get the 400w hid setup. youll get tighter/more buds.
    use the mh for veg, hps for flower

  3. Go with the HPS/MH in a tent that size. You won't get much light with a t5 setup until you can go with 4 footers. The best way to get the most light from fluorescents is a PLL setup, but the supplies are not that easy to get while the HPS/MH supplies are more readily available.

    If you want to start out small/cheaper, then you might consider CFLs and then move up from there once you get better at growing.
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    No, as long as you dont get it too close and heat is under control seedlings will do great under a 400w. I havent seen any negative effects and run mine 24/0.

    I start about 18 to 20" away on the first day then lower the light gradually over the next two to four days depending on how they react. Seedlings are starving for light, give them all you can without burning. Lack of light is why you see stretched plants in many beginner grows.
  5. I agree. As long as you keep it over a foot or so away you'll be straight.
  6. IMO for such a small tent go with a 250w switchable
  7. You'll lik the lumens from the 4 bro. Id rather have ample light then just barely enough. :wave:
  8. Fair enough, sounds like I'm going with the 400w setup. Hopefully I can pop out a journal eventually.

    Thanks for all the advice guys

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