Lightimetunnel 300W LED vs Floramax LY8U250CB 250W CFL

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Arvark, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. So I'm looking into some lights, I can choose between these two
    The LED one costs 60€
    The CFL one costs: 30€

    Is this LED good?
    Can I use this LED from seed to harvest?
    Is it worth 30€ more? What will it improve? Quality, yields or what?
  2. not worth the money for either---just my opinion.
  3. And what should I buy? -.-
  4. please look at some of the LED or Lighting threads here. They are packed with good info. Then you can decide on what your needs are and the best way to achieve your goals.
  5. I use mars hydro 300's 1 per plant and it does a well enough job... [​IMG] 65 dollars with shipping 58.50 in your currency I believe...

    Grow journal
  6. Unfortunately in here it costs 100€ on Amazon and I can't find it anywhere else
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  7. He is right, for the price and quality. They are the cheapest bang for your buck. I have been doing tons of research on cheap and effective LED lights out there.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:

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