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  1. My lighters always break halfway through using them.

    And its real annoyin how the flame always points up, i had a plaster on my finger and set the bloody thing on fire earlier

    Does anyone own one of them blue flame lighter things that can be used in any weather conditions and the flame always goes in a straight line (Basically one of them below)

    I was wondering if they used alot of gas, cause i dont have a filler, so cant refill to often

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  2. blah tourches are only good for cigars. Bic lighters own all.
    The tourches burn to hot, and you kill the bowel off way to fast. Plus, Party Fowels suck when they got a tourch :(
  3. Hmm

    I heard they burn grass well and quickly without any fuss

    Saves tiltin the lighter to get it to a good angle aswell
  4. "Fowels"

  5. Fowels?

  6. Rotf... party fowels suck man! so do party fowls.
  7. There are several kinds of lighters that work like the one on the pic. Usually they have platinum in the outlet. When gas meets platinum, it ignites. This way it's impossible to blow'em out. Refills can be bought everywhere. Prob'ly at yer next gas station. 's the usually butane or propane gas they use. Quite cheap, too. And with most of the models, you can adjust the flame.

  8. yeah butane fuel is really cheap...on ebay theres an ebay store that consistently sells like 10 oz for 2$
  9. awesome to get joints and blunts lit fast.... otherwise use a bic
  10. yeah both party FOWELS and party FOWLS suck so that that would be a party FOUL!
  11. someon keeps steeling my liters daimmit
  12. Bic lighters are the way to go man. I used a torch flame lighter for a while. you just would hold the flame above the bowl a little, and you could light just where you wanted, and not torch the whole bowl.. And refills are cheap.. Couple bucks at any gas station.. But in my opinion, Bics are the way to go... cheap and reliable..
  13. Bics truly are the way to go. American made too.
  14. Wow, what a patriot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, if I'm not totally mistaken, the original Bic is from France

  15. yeah like the pens, in france they call pens "bic" somtimes
  16. hey all I know is that on the side of my Bic it says "Made in USA."
  17. well i got like 5 right now and 3 of em say made in France
  18. crazyness. All the Bics I can locate in my apartment say Made in USA, I guess I just have a better Bic Hookup.... :D

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  19. trusty orange eh?
  20. I was thinking using the turbo lighter thingy for a pipe, cause lighter flames are hard to get into the bowl.

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