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  1. ok is it the yellow lighters that are bad luck or is it white lighters? cuz my friend says that its yellow cuz they asked some dude at casey's and he said that the yellow bics were bad luck... idk im just really high and that question is fuckin botherin me
  2. i always heard it was the white ones
  3. White for sure, I only used a white lighter one time ever, and I got a concussion later that day. Never again lol. Never even used a yellow lighter but have't ever heard they are bad luck either.
  4. i believe its white
  5. it is white... i dont believe in it but i never get white lighters because they are plain (and a few of my friends always bitch about "bad luck" :laughing:)

    and yellow is the banana lighter

    favored if anything
  6. yeah yellows probably one of my favorites
  7. White and yellow.

    And pink ones are the rarest.

    /clutches my pink lighter.
  8. white lights are bad luck i dont believe in us'in then . let alone touchin them
  9. Ah, good old superstitions and human behavior.

    That being said, I do like to avoid white lighters. I prefer the green mini bics.
  10. I like white ones. Reds are bad.
  11. arent they all white under the surface anywayss??
    u cant escape
  12. I called bic. They only put the bad luck in the white lighters.

    Yellow are still safe.

    Na I dont like white lighters either. Tell someone something enough times while they're high and it sticks
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    Nope, just the ones with vinyl covers.

    Regular bics have colored plastic.

    Chuck one at a cement floor as hard as you can and find out.


    edit - There is one reason why I like white lighters. You can hold them up to a light and see how much fluid you have left.
  14. thanks for the responses guys... now i know for sure that i was right lol

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