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  1. Anyone know where i can get thoes nice click lighters? im lighter retarded and im tired of my fingers hurting ^^
  2. lmao@ lighter retarded

    go on and serach for butane lighters..

    I got a red light up butane torch lighter on there..

    ^^^ (tongue twister) lol

    you can get great deals on there..try it...and smoke on
  3. any smoke shop should have em. Not just bong shops
    But real ones fro those who smoke cigars and what not. They have real cine ones there. Good luck to ya
  4. Click lighter? Is that a brand name or just a lighter that clicks to ignite instead of having to spin the flint wheel?

    If it's just lighters that click they are available at any gas station. I've never had a hard time finding one.
  5. i had a nice butane lighter. it looked like a zippo and on the case was a women in a bikini.

    i dont know what happoned to it. oh well.
  6. cool thx all
  7. I remember seeing a lighter at a fancy jewelry store a while ago that had a laser light or some light beam. When you stuck the tip of the cig over the beam, it automatically lit up and the flame popped up. No more clickingto start the lighter
  8. Now THAT'S a lighter, Big Poppa Puff!

    That would be really cool. Wonder how much they cost though.

    No more raw, burnt fingers over the crack pipe!


    Should have had one of those back when I was in to such nasty things.
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  9. LOL @ budburner
  10. Had to have a few spares to let then babies cool off too.

    It's the only way to do coke when your nose is all closed off. (Wonder why?!)

    Man, time for me to think about something else. ;)
  11. budburner it's not our fault coke is so good :)
  12. I know.

    But it's my fault that I like it so much! (in a weird sorta way)

    Since I didn't totally fuck my life up on it I can't say I wish I'd never had tried it, but I can see how some people could throw themselves away for it.

    I realized something about coke the other day (probably just re-realized it. :) )

    It's actually worth more than gold on the street!

    (Well, unless you have a really big time dealer and you buy LOTS of it... droooool)
  13. ROBIN WILLIAMS said coke is god's way of telling you ya make too much money!!! Also said he finally realized he had a problem when he was arrested for trying to snort the white line off the street!! Man I can still "hear the train"!!tingle..tingle..tingle...

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