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Lighters! Damn, them!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. I have been getting high forever, everyday, so you'd think that a situation like this wouldn't occur but after all, when you get high, you do forget things, like your supply of lighters.

    One freakin' lighter in the house and it's demise will be soon!!!

    It's like when you're really on E and the lights on and you just beg your car to make it to the gas station. Please, just make it a little longer.

    I usually keep an overabundance of them but my overabundance ran out!

    I give it maybe 3 more bowls if it's lucky.
  2. I have the opposite. It seems like every time I turn around there's a lighter. Lighters in the truck, car, house, porch tractor, hanging from a string on the nature trail, etc.

    I guess it all falls back to a traumatic experience of being stranded on a deserted stretch of highway one time with a big fatty and no lighter. Car lighter didn't work and the stress and frustration boil over. I made one of those Scarlett O'Hara declarations "If God is my witness, I will never be without fire again!" So now anytime I go to the Wal Mart and see a green Bic while waiting in line, I snatch it up in the buggy.
  3. i know whut your saying. I'm always running out of lighters, I smoked a few to many bowls on the stove. right now i'm down to one left, it has about a quarter of it left, i need to pick up a pack of um. I rarely find green bic lighters, i always end up with white ones, so i put hair ties on them so i can tell mine apart from everyone elses at sesions.
  4. This type of posting is not tollerated in these forums. Please do not post or reply like this again.

    Bud Head!!!!!!!!!

  5. FUCKING HELL....what in blue fuck kind of friendly toker reply is that?!...damn we just keep getting more and more hostile!...grrr...

  6. Ok, Bud Head, here's your chance to delete a post of mine! Have fun!!!! I won't be mad! It's probably gonna be a first for me but I've had enough of the crap that's been sliding through here daily and I'm not in the mood to take any shit today, from a newbie or anyone else.

    XxJWxX, you can take your faggot, your dork, and your dude and shove them right up your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And chances are, you'll like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. im gonna go get a bulk of lighters and hair ties and put the ties on the lighters and make it the fucking coolest thing in the world, everyone will want one..and you will feel stupid....hahahaha .....ha....haha...sleep

  8. Don't the stoers around there have lighters? What about going and getting some? Stoners--giv'em weed and they forget theres a store down the street that sell lighters. Hahahhahaahahahahalolololololhahahahaha!!!
  9. no no, i accordance with law 235432GAHVBI234546574 penal section 69, the kwik e mart can no longer carry intruments for maintaining the temperature required for continuous combustion of flamable smokeable materials...

  10. Damn it they keep changing the laws on me! LOL

  11. what the hell?...thats not cool...first off, dont use derogitory names, unless its popo or pigs....

    secondly....CHILL OUT MAN!

    Now..back to the threads topic...

    RMJL I used to have those problems..but now I keep a book of matches, a small portable propane tank and a cool torch nozzle all in a bathroom cupboard....nothing like blazin up with a blow torch ;)

  12. ok, i missed that weirdo's post, but i am offended none-the-less. didn't we all just have a long talk about being nice????
    grow up, XxJWxX!!!

    Back to the lighters.... RMJL, i know how you feel! My reserve lighter died in the middle of a bowl just last week. Hubby (the smoker) always walks off with them. He's got 3 zippo's, but he still insists on taking every lighter he sees. So I went to the local True Value and bought 3 for $1.29. Ha! Let him find where I stashed those! :D
  13. Hey, why dont they make a lighter that comes with a necklace chain too?....OH MY GOD! THATS BRILLIANT!


  14. zippos are nasty when used for weed..the first hit is horrifically distastefull...and i have a lighter with a necklace...they were invented in '67..sorry
  15. namron no only my lighters can have hair ties... ok i don't care just as long as nobody else i hang out with does it everythings cool :)
  16. somebody invented them in the past just to piss me of in the future...ARRRGGGHHH! ILL GET YOU!
  17. actually ive never heard of one before in my entire kindly pull the panties out of your crotch and step away from the complaining was that all about, im not stoned!
  18. i'm gonna make a necklace from string and tie it to a hair tie, then put he tie around my lighter, and BAM!!! yeah, damnit i don't think i have string. no wait i got pink string, sweet,.... i'm off to my creation.

  20. What about Blueberry Blue?

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