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Lighter substitution.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Never, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Ok, so I have no access too a lighter, nor access too a store or anywhere where I could obtain one ( would be an hour walk ) .

    What could I use instead of a lighter for my bowl? In the past i've used a match + candles ( gotta be careful with the wax dripping ) but now theres no matches left and I cannot find a lighter anywhere.

  2. You can use a soldering iron.
  3. Faaaaw sho?
  4. you could always wait
  5. Ya man sorry to say either wait or walk i know shit you could do it with but you would inhale some bad shit
  6. you got fire access? like the stove or something? you could always light a piece of wood on fire and use that, like a toothpick or something....not the best but its worked for me before

  7. Soldering iron or light a candle with your stove or something

  8. I have tooth pics and candles handy, but when I try too flame them they just burn and go black, is there a certain temp i should have it at ?
  9. Try putting like 2-3 tooth pics together light em wait a lil bit then try it, i dont know if it works just trying to help lol good luck
  10. Stovetop.
    Steel Wool + Battery.
    Batteries + Electrical wire.
    Magnifying glass + Sunlight.
    Stungun + paper in between the contacts.
    Your neighbors. Someone HAS to have something as common as a lighter on your block?
  11. dont you have a car?
  12. use a stove to light something such as a toothpick or a peice of paper, the paper is tricky but it can work, roll it tight and hit it fast :wave:
  13. ask a neighbor or something, if they ask jsut say its for ciggs or somthing or to start a wood stove. Even if your neighbor only got matches its better than a toothpick on stove or sth.

    Might be kinda awkward though so i would only do that if your somewhat friends w/ ur neighbor if you have one at all
  14. you can use a magnifying glass. not kidding it works really well, not in the winter though so i hope you live somewhere warm
  15. light the end of a paper towel with your stove, just take a sheet, roll it up in a slender tube, and light the very end of it, works really well if you have a natural gas stove. where i work at the pilot lights constantly go out on the stove and we use paper towels to light them. just light it over the sink.
  16. magnifying glass(solar bowl). soldering iron. knife hit
  17. the cig lighter in your/your parents car
  18. In the future, keep one lighter, even if it's run out on fluid. Then when you're out of lighters, take something with alcohol in it (deodorant, rubbing alcohol, etc.) and dip a little bit of the corner of a piece of paper in the alcohol and use the empty lighter next to it; the sparks will ignite the alcohol, which will ignite the paper - paper ignites your bowl - :bongin:
  19. roll a j light it with the stove and toke
  20. if your stove is one of them heating elements thing, not real fire, then put a piece of metal on it, wait till its really hot and use that

    or yeah roll a freaking j

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