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Discussion in 'General' started by CosmicSerpent, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Alright this is a really strange question... I've been wondering this for years but just thought to make a post about it. You know how every once in a while when you flick a lighter, it doesn't light or make a flame, it just produces a small spark from the flint? Well I've noticed on many occasions when smoking a bowl that when this happens sometimes it also creates a spark on the actual bowl itself in addition to the lighter even if they aren't touching at all.... like the spark is somehow traveling through the air. It usually happens halfway through smoking the bowl and the spark is right on top of the weed, where it should be lit. Kind of hard to explain.... even if I'm holding the lighter several inches away from the bowl when I try to light it, it still makes the bowl spark too. A couple of my friends have also noticed this and we've always wondered about it. My question is why does this happen? Is it some kind of static electricity or what? If so, why does it always spark on the lighter and also right on top of the bowl? Kind of weird.... :smoking:
  2. Sounds like you might just be seeing the reflection of the sparks on your glass bowl. If so, you know that bud is workin'!

    Happy :smoking:
  3. wtf are you smoking and where can i get some?
  4. No I swear it's not the reflection... I thought that at first too, but I've seen it happen too many times now. I notice it more when smoking in the dark... it's bright and flashy and it's right on the bud where you would normally light it.
  5. Its usually flint that falls onto the bowl when you go to light it, then it sparks when it gets burned.
  6. holy shit

    i have noticed that too

    never thought ot make a thread on it

    but even when i pack the bowl down with the lighter sometime its sparks then to, and i wont have flicked it at all

    i wonder what causes it because i for sure know what your talking about
  7. I knew someone else had to know what I was talking about... I was beginning to think I was crazy.

    The weird thing is that for me it always coincides with the exact moment a try to light the lighter, and it happens even when the lighter isn't close to touching the bowl. Hence why I think it might be static electricity.
  8. Huh, I've never noticed this, now I'm gonna be looking for it...fuck! Heh.
  9. yeah I think Ive seen this too, was like half sure I was seeing it - cuz u tell urself its just a spark of the lighter, but its on the bud right??
  10. yep happened to me many times
  11. hahaha +rep. this has questioned me many times blown by myself .
  12. So at least other people know what I'm talking about.... I still don't know what is causing it though. I wish I knew a physicist or something who smoked pot so I could ask him, haha.
  13. ya, some weed crackles when u green it
  14. Seriously, it's small pieces of flint from the lighter that fell onto the weed from previous hits. The flame touches the weed with the flint dust, and creates a spark.

    That's all it is.

    You can try it yourself by holding a bic over a piece of paper and just lighting it over and over. Eventually, you'll see a small collection of greyish powder on the paper. Put the flame to it, and you've got a mini fourth of July.

    In fact, some people even make "Sparkler Joints" by wetting the sides of a rolled joint, and doing the same thing. Light it up and watch the joint crackle like a sparkler (I wouldn't recommend it though. Tastes nasty and bad for your lungs, but still).
  15. its not flint, ive tested it out because i noticed it a while back. its cuz the bowl is still cherry, even slightly to the point where u cant see it and when u flick the flint and let the gas go it ignites the cherry in the bowl slightly.
  16. yeah i've seen that plenty of times
  17. yeah its definatly a piece of flint chipping off, and sparking at the bowl

    happens to me all the time
  18. A lot of you guys don't seem to understand what I'm talking about... I tried to make it as clear as possible. It has nothing to do with the weed crackling when you light it, and I don't think its because of flint falling in the bowl either... if it is, then that doesn't explain why it happens when the lighter isn't even close to the bowl. I can hold them like a few inches apart so theres no way the flint could be falling and it still happens.

  19. Good call. I noticed it a lot too. I was at a friend's house, and he started tweaking out:

    Him: Dude, holy shit, did you see that!?!??!?!
    Me: Yeh man, chill. It just randomly happens.
    Him: No Way! It's fucking crack weed. Oh my God, It's laced!!! AHHHHHHH We're gonna die!
    Other friend: Well, if you want to go be paranoid fine. Pass the crack weed *****, I'm startin' to itch.
    Him: You fucking narc! You communist! :: Throws bowl at friend:: AHAHA You'll never catch me alive! :: Goes to run out door, forgets to open it:: THUD!!
    Me: AHa. fucking stoner.
  20. yo did u guys die from that crack weed???

    hey doindia did u steal that quote from drgreenbuds or vice versa or do u randomly have the same sig or whats the deal with that?????

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