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Lighter Noise is LOUD!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420everysecond, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Call me paranoid, but I'm trying to vape (ghetto vape lol) and the sound of the lighter is ridiculous. Do you think my parents could hear it in the next room? It's pretty close but my tv and fan are both on so theres noise.
  2. hahahahaha

    I remember once I when I was high school, I was stoned in my room and had my tv turned down to the lowest volume setting, one notch above muted, and I was soooo paranoid that it was too loud and would wake someone up
  3. it sux when its quiet and u know ppl are sleeping.....everything becomes 20 times louder.......
  4. Just get a candle if you can and keep it nearby to reignite your lighter.. It works like a charm
  5. I just light a candle. Flick your lighter once and then just hold down the button over the candle flame whenever you want to hit. Or since your using a lightbulb vape (assuming) you can vape it over the candle and not waste all your lighter fluid.

  6. I used to have a candle, but I lost it haha. I'll pick one up tomorrow morning. I doubt the sound tonight will wake them up.
  7. you gotta take the guard off your lighter and the fan makes white noise which will muffle any sounds from your room. The tv will also creat noise and your parents wont here the lighter over the sounds of them having sex so your good
  8. hahahah man I remember getting paranoid about the same thing so much when I was younger and my parents didn't know :D
  9. that candle sounds good right now..
  10. I highly doubt your sleeping parents can hear the flick of a lighter through the wall.
  11. I can hear my lighter click in the bedroom down the hallway and into the kitchen. But I hear like a bat.
  12. Cough when you flick it
  13. oh my goodness OP, i've been thinking the same thing!! it has such a distinct sound too. i get so freaked out too when i have to do it like multiple times in a row...

    i feel like it's so obvious. i just play music somewhat loud so i could still hear if someone was outside my door, but loud enough to cover the sound of the lighter..

    and with the candle thing, be careful with that if you parents don't keep charcoal lighters around your house cause they might ask you like "hey buddy, how'd you get that candle lit, why do you have a lighter?"

    stay safe op!! :smoke:
  14. I know the feeling, but bro. Honestly. Ever thought of getting a candle? It lasts for hours, and it doesn't make any sound what so ever. And no, I don't think they can hear it, but just to be sure, and not to get a bad high, just go with the candle.

    You can preserve the candle by putting it out if you're not using it. Lighting it won't take long, and it's "more safe" to light a candle 1-3 times, then to have that sizzling noise all the time...

    - Serenity
  15. Your just paranoid. I always get like that.. at night I have to turn my music or TV down low so I don't wake anyone up. I live on the opposite side of my house from my parents, on a different floor, and my house is huge.. no way they would hear my music
  16. HOLY SHIT this is never really talked about but thats so true when your high and paranoid you think everything you do is so loud lol. i know exactly what your talking about
  17. Bee line and a torch lighter should solve your problem. :D
  18. lol i thought the same thing so i got some cheap lighter at the gas station that doesnt make the noise like a bic does you just press down the button and get a pop noise that sounds nothing like a lighter

  19. I'm 18 and trying to move out(too expensive atm) but my stepmother is honestly worse than a dictator. She doesn't allow candles to be lit inside the house, its dumb. But my dad is chill with herb for the most part as long as I don't smoke in the house. I only really blaze in my room at night, so he would be the only one coming in.

  20. Get a candle light it up make sure you dont put fire in the house when your stoned make sure its secure and stuff and take your lighter if its a bic and just press the red button you dont have to flint it every time

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