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Discussion in 'General' started by k3ll0, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I have a daily smoking sesh with 2 close friends. I know that this game isn't really acceptable in certain instances (too many people, bongs, pipes) but when we roll a joint we don't go by the usual "you rolled it, you light it" rule.

    The game is, simply, whoever takes out their lighter first gets to light it. We all scramble to dig out or lighters, and much laughter ensues when I pull out a tube of paint instead of a lighter.

    :smoke: I know this probably can't work most of the time and sounds kinda silly in writing, but hey, try it out next time you roll and you're with a small group~
  2. sounds funny, but, the person who rolled it would just laugh and light it up.

  3. ummm why did you have a tube of paint..
  4. I was about to ask the same thing....
  5. Was it one of those paint pens
  6. The only lighter game we play is Capture the Lighter.

    Rules don't need an explanation.

  7. Sucks for the novice players that don't carry lighters.:devious:
  8. What if I take my lighter out while you're rolling?
  9. if i roll the joint, im lighting the joint. end of story.
    if you want first hits on a joint then you roll it yourself. also applies to blunts.

    now bongs and pipes i dont mind packing and sending to someone else - rotation and etc...
  10. Everyone i smoke with is always like you light it, no i insist you light it.....5 minutes later, no its fine you can light it, no go ahead you light it....10 minutes later, give me the fucking blunt ill light it! No for real though we dont care who lights it usually everyone gets offered to light and someone accepts.

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