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Lighter Fluid Hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bobdangle, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. i heard there's a way to make hash using lighter fluid. anyone know if this is true and how to do it? i got a bottle of lighter fluid for my zippo and some pretty dank bud, so i wanna try it.
  2. you use butane not naphtha aka zippo lighter fluid butane is the gas in well gas lighters and the procedure is called BHO.
  3. does naphtha work at all, or does it make it shitty?
  4. I would not use it at all I've never heard of any one using it before If your dead set on making some hash ether do the Isopropyl Alcohol extraction or the Butane Hash Oil extraction both are fairly easy. There are other solvents you can use to make hash but some leave residues behind and that can be bad for your health.
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    zippo fluid is essentially butane, and i found that on a hot plate or in a pot of boiling water in a cup, i can make some very high quality hash
    i havent made oil yet, however i had about a half a bowl sized nugget of bright gold sticky hash that came from a grinder soak, and a few big stems. the fluid evaporates completely, and it leaves no residue as far as ive seen.
     just my 2 cents tho
  6. Butane isn't expensive. Do what the other user said and just get some pure butane or 91%+ Iso Alcohol to make your hash, there are plenty of tutorials on here.
  8. lmao. this post is almost 5 years old.
    i know how to make hash now, guys. lol
  9. lmfao wow 5 year revival! NARF!


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