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lighter alternative

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lurkalot, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. well... parents are going out of town tonight and i got a sac of green, but only a very close to dying lighter. i need a alternative! help please! im smoking out a bong so if that helps
  2. The only thing I can think of is either light a candle or if you have a gas stove with a flame that might work.
  3. Buy a new lighter...

    They're like a dollar man.
  4. just keep it chareeyed
    worst spelling
  5. Solar hits, man. Use a magnifying glass and the sun to light your grass.
  6. Matches?
  7. Electric stoves work with joints, too.
  8. fuckin steal a pack of 5. i get like 15 at a time.
  9. uh go and buy another one.... im pretty sure a gas station isnt too far from ur house... or what i do if i dont have one is use the electric stove to light a cig n then light a candle off that and then use something else to light my bowl
  10. use a soldering iorn

  11. does that work, do i just set my metal tip in the bowl?
  12. yeah it works i tried it a couple times its ok not better than a good old fashion lighter but does the job
  13. you have to remove the metal tip and get to the ceramic heating element inside it. you don't want to use the metal because its lets off shit that is really bad for you
  14. You said you had a lighter just light a candle with what's left :p or use the good ol' kitchen lighter.
  15. lmao wtf as if this is even a reason to post man. just buy one or go to the mall borrow one from someone like "yo can i have a light" hands it to you n you bolt. 1.i dont think hell bolt after you for a 2$ lighter 2.not even YOU should beready to run like forrest for 1
  16. just fucking rub sticks. get back to the basics. how do you think the native americans did it.
  17. there has to be something in your house you can use.
    search for matches and candles man.
    all moms have shit like that laying around. light the candle and use it over the course of the day/night to light your joints with and freshen up the house.
  18. lol i thought this thread was about certain brands of lighters compared to others. seriously?
  19. Its harder than you think, although I was trying to do it while shitfaced.

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