Lightening Strikes Twice

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  1. So I was driving home Saturday from the Pet Store when some old lady runs a redlight and I couldn't stop or swerve around so I T-Boned her right in the driver door. My car, 2004 Acura TL was towed away but isn't damaged too bad except for the hood and bumper. Several years ago, I was in the exact same lane going the same direction and had an accident in exactly the same spot. Is it bad karma or just bad luck? I had a Acura Legend back then. :confused:
  2. It's karma telling you to stop driving those POS Acuras.
  3. Was the 1st one your fault too?

    I agree, its those lux hondas messin your karma, Gods trying to tell you to go German!
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    Neither Accident was my fault:p

    I can't afford the BMW I'd like to own, so maybe a VW-CC 6cyl,6mt:cool:
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    VR6 ftw.

    edit:upon further looking at the complete specs for the CC only comes with 6 spd trippy...the 2.0T has a 6 spd MT
  6. I don't believe in karma. It was just an unfortunate coincidence. And Acuras are great vehicles but it's hard to beat German engineering.

  7. OKOK I can make the official decision was fate.

    That was the same old lady you saw at the grocery store the other day. You didnt notice it but if you werent texting you would have seen that she left her purse on top of the car! ALL of this could have been avoided!

    Anyways she didn't realize that her purse was missing until latter that night and she worried sick over it. Luckily the next day she got a phone call from the grocer who informed her that a good samaritan had dropped off her purse phone and all. Relieved mainly because her meds were in there she hopped in her car and took off at once.

    Halfway there though and because she hadn't taken her meds which were in her purse which she forgot and which you didn't notice because you were busy texting, she passed out and rolled straight through the light hitting you.

    So basically the moral of the story is that you use your phone too much. That goes for YOU too buddy. Ya you who'd you think I was talking to? Not OP YOU. Turn the phone OFF.

    Also most old people are bad drivers...:)
  8. I wasn't using my phone for texting or otherwise, as a matter of fact, I forgot it that morning and had to use the police officers phone to call for help. I hit her, she didn't hit me. It was her fault because she blew thru the red light. It was the exact same senerio that happened before except the car that ran the light was coming from the opposite direction when I hit them. Obviously something is going on at that intersection where people can't see the light because they're using those "ENERGY SAVING" LED bulbs which can't be seen as easily during dayllight. The lady told the police she didn't see the red light, green light or yellow. You just can't see those stupid energy saving street lights. Tow truck driver told me he's there almost every day picking up cars who run the light either going north or south. She was going north.:confused:
  9. what BMW do you want?

    I love the new CC's, but like someone said, no MT in the VR6

    I wanna W8 Passat, I found one on CL for 15K, AllMotion + W8 + small car = blazing fast.

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