Lightburn kickin my ass

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  1. Ok, so i got some pretty bad light burn due to a faulty Pot that decided to crank up the watts on my light.

    I got the Pot changed out so the Light operating properly again.

    Everything in the reservoir is in order, my nutrients should be good and I've got the light set back to where I had it.

    The plant is two clones of Sour Diesel that I had great success with on my last grow. No issues....

    Were on day 57 of flower, the burn happend on day 52...

    My biggest problem is I've only been doing this for about a year-and-a-half now, I'm color-blind, and I've never really run into this bad of a problem. I'm just not sure if there's something else going on here other than some bad light burn that I don't see

    I have already added some Cal Mag as I thought I had a calmag issue developing, but I don't know if I should add any more or not.

    Here is a pic from 3 days ago.

    Here is a current pic of same area

    And a few more current pics
  2. yup, that's what I've been doing LOL

    and the top buds were very potent btw. All you can do is back off the light. I read some people do foliar feeding and they can get real close and not get 'photon shock'.

    Your plants still look good.
  3. Hmm, foliar spray of some cal mag does sound like it may be a good idea. I had not thought of that...
  4. Here is the thread I grabbed that from. Also, I just read about CO2 augmentation allowing for increased PPFD (light), so if its a solution you need...
    thanks to another GC thread, but here's the link (see pg. 8/17).
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