Lightbulb Vape Question

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by One Truth, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. So I made a lightbulb vape with a phillips 60w/120v lightbulb.. I put some bud in I lit it and it fumed a faint amount and I would inhale while lighting, just like a bowl.. Im not sure if its exactly airtight at the top but I was definatly getting hits cause it tasted like straight bud.. now the residue is still weed but smell only faintly skunk and when hit taste like popcorn.. Did I use the vape correctly? Did everything workout? Im not really super high... Im definatly high but its a different high.. any tips appreciated

    prob just drink some brews and smoke some regular bowls..
  2. As long as your making the bud black and not holding the lighter/flame source directly under the lightbulb (it should be 3-4cm away, even though it will take a while), its working fine.
  3. the bud still somewhat green but the lightbulb was getting black..
  4. Hmm. Even when I used my lightbulb wrong I didnt build up much resin in the lightbulb, and i pretty much smoked it in the bulb. Maybe you should try holding the bulb closer to the flame? What I find works very well which gets all the THC out of the bud is vaporize it first, then once your done just either put it in a bowl, or once your done vaporizing just rape the bulb with flame to make it all ash.

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