lightbulb blew up, should i sue?

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Aug 12, 2003.


sue 'em?

  1. Hell yea, those crazy boxer making bastards!

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  2. Nah, joe boxer is cool

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  3. sue the light bulb company!

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  4. you silly goose

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  1. Well fucking jesus, talk about a wake up call. I'm sittin here cruzin the city, and all of sudden my fucking desk lamp blew up! well not the whole thing but the blub, fucking thing threw shards of glass everwere, including my arm and hand. owwwwwww! so should I sue joe boxer (maker of lamp)? ;) I'm not going to, but I am going to send them a very pissed off letter, i knew this lamp was bad news, it always seemed faluty and such... Well I just wanted to share the most exicting thing that will happen to me today.. damn... that sucked!
  2. wellll, if you woulda read it right i said 'fucking jesus'! such as two of the words that roared outta my mouth right after a lightbulb exploded right next to my face! ;)

    but yea, i'm not gonna try and sue them, but i am gonna try and get sum free boxers!! score!

    btw, i put the bulb in, but it was the right type, and i wouldn't have had to if the one that came with it worked.
  3. srry, little tense, ya know... having just had a lightbulb blow up next to my face! haha wow, I'm milking this thing for all its worth! Wish i had to work today, so I could call in sick...
  4. fuck em... they're a corporation send a letter sound intimadating..... an get tons of free crap !
  5. I say sue the Light bulb company. If your lucky they might just give you money to shut up about it.
  6. WTF, the same thing happened in our house yesterday.Maybe its a revolt of the lightbulbs.
    The lightbulb in our hallway exploded for no reason ( well probably for some reason), we took it down and it was all burnt at the bottom.
  7. yea same with me, im gonna try and get sum free merch. considering it was a pretty new lamp, and now it broken...
  8. sue joe boxer, sue the lightbulb manufacturer, sue the store you bought it from, sue the store employee who sold it to you
    i bet you could get a couple mill outta it ;]
  9. lol, i say fuck it, clean it up, send em a letter, get some free shit, dont worry bout it, shit happens, itl all be okay :)
  10. lighbulbs don't explode, they implode. same net result though. i've seen this quite a few times with 1000W par 64 lamps when they get squirted with liquids. just goes *poof*, the fuse at the dimmer goes *tzing* and pieces of glass everywhere. that's why nobody on a stage i'm in charge of ever is allowed to perform barefeet, no matter how much of an "artistic necessity" it is.
  11. haha, im gonna score free boxers!!!! yes!

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