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  1. I got 150watt and a 60watt lights and i want to know how many plants i can grow with that and how far away from the plant they should be?
  2. are they flourocent lights???
  3. the 150watt is and the 60watt is a cheap light from wal-mart that a freind gave me

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  4. if you use those lights i would only grow 1 or 2 plants
  5. Sun system III 120V/400W Switchable HPS-or-MH commercial ballast
    18"Lx9"Wx5.5"H Spectral pebble horizontal aluminum reflector with 6-point light beam adjustment and free tempered glass lens
    400W Lamp Options:
    LU400 standard HPS produces 50,000 lumens @ 2100K
    Iwaski LU400HTL Hotilux HPS produces 55,000 lumens with 25% more blue-violet spectral energy
    MS400/HOR MH lamp produces 40,000 lumens @ 4000K
    5-year warranty
    Free computerized lighting layouts
    208, 240, 277, 347 and 480 volt ballast options also available .I'm going to get this i a couple of weeks will that light work?

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  6. yes i tink that that would work quite good
  7. ..I think that will get the job done. Much faster than flourescents anyway! where did you find this at and how much are you sacrificing? I'd guess... 300 bucks?

    Take care, stay safe.
  8. I finally took the big dive and bought a 400 watt HPS from, I'll tell ya the best thing I ever could have done. Set me back about $240.00

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