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  1. For the flowering mode what kind of light spectrum do the plants like most?

    If it is blue why can't a BLUE light be used. If red...etc etc
  2. blue light(Metal Halide/Compact flou) promote vegitation growth

    reds/yellows(HPS) promote flowering

    thats the way it is !

    one or the other can be used but growth and yeild will be sacrificed

    best too use MH for vegging and HPS for flowering or if you have limited buget use flouresents....lots of them!!

  3. The cost of the setup isn't really an issue. I threw together about 500 watts of HPS and 200 watts of flor for now I'd like to see results even if it's good commercial first time around then I can adjust things to get better and better quality.
    For now I have been without smoke for so long....3 months that I would be happy to have a steady supply.
    If I happen to get lucky and come out with soemthing of quality I'll be adding rooms to my house...LOL

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