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light wattage ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by bb55, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Hey guys:wave: im new and thinking about growing indoors. My question is, what wattage (HPS) lamp would i have to use for around 1-3 plants?

    Also do flouresent lights really do a decent job or are they garbage (would like to spend as little $ as possible)

    Thanks (be easy:) )
  2. 250W is good enough for 2-3 plants, but a 400W isn't that more expensive.

    THe only problem with a 400W is the heat, it can make your space go up to 90 degrees which is bad. Now if you got proper ventilation and/or a window AC on all the time, it should be cool. 250W i think is good enough for 2-3 plants ;)...just remember, the ratio for male/female is 50/50 so that means half ur plants wil lbe females

    females are the ones that create the good buds we smoke, males create seeds =(.

    try ebay for cheap HID lights...if you're going towards money, get a 250 HPS with a ballist and a bubble pattern in the reflector. use florescents for the seedling/vegatative stage.

    i also heard they got lamps that have the full color spectrum, but im not too sure...im still a newb

  3. oh yea, and switch the lamp the other way i forgot to do this until recently

    so have ur light's long ends not parallel with the longest sides on ur grow space (lamp picture isn't the right way)
  4. i read somewhere today that you need 60watts per sq. ft. and that you don't really need a mh. hps light should be enough.
  5. If you could just have one all around light for growing, then an hps light would be the best choice. Yes you can have a decent grow with just flouros. (browse around this site and see), but you get the most bang for your buck with High Intensity Lights. MH are better for vegging because the bluish(sp?) light they give off is better for plants in the early stage of life. They are also not as intense of a light source as HPS. If you put too young a plant under an HPS light it may not survive long (of course there are many factors to consider, distance, ventilation, etc....) Best bet is start the plants under some flouros for a week or so, then use a 250w. hps to get them through the rest of their lives. Good luck man.......keep reading!

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