light type for seedlings?

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  1. Ok I wanted to start my seeds next week and got my room put together and I have an interchangable light actually 2 of them 400 watts each I know the HPS is best for flowering and the MH are good for the veggie state but can I use one of those for seedlings? If not, when do I switch the lights to MH?Also I heard 18/6 was good cycle to start them on any other opinons?
  2. Im not the best grower in the world, but i would use cfl's to start them off, put them under the MH or the HPS like a week or so after sprouting, because i think the MH and the HPS might be too much for the seedling. but i dont know much the wattage is of the MH so i wouldnt know if it was too much? but yeh i would start them off under CFL's, if you havent got any and the weather is nice put them outside for the first week or so. Hope this helps. Good luck with the grow.

    (Anyone please feel free to correct me if im wrong)
  3. Soryr nto familar with all thise indoor stuff cani get CFl's at home depot? also wot sort of watts (in the cfls) would I need then for just starting a dozen or so seedlings, and do I need some sort of ballast fo rthose lights?
  4. they just screw into a normal light socket for the CFL's (compact florescent lights)

    If you want to do it right get some T5 growing Floros and use them to start the seeds and veg for a while.

    You can get them at a grow shop. Pricey but worth it.

  5. well i started 5 seedlings under two 40watt cfl's, im not sure for a dozen maybe 3 or 4? and no u would NEED a ballast, but you can get one. but i would say anything over about 30watt
  6. If you have CFLs or fluoro tubes you can use those for seedlings, but if not and you already have the MH/HPS then go ahead and use the MH. Just keep that light well off the plants at first -- when my sprouts pop through the soil I put them under the MH at about 2 feet away, then lower a couple of inches every couple of days until they are getting full strength at about two weeks old.
  7. Hey guys thanks for the responses. I revamped my room a little after reading more so it set me back a bit on germinating , but its all good Id rather have it right then half ass. if you all can check out my other post on the other thread I haev my new dimensions and stuff on that one. I have the sam esize room I just split it for veggie state flowering stat and a clone/ mother plant area. I did go and get a few cfl's I think i have about 5 75 watt ones I was going to use for my shelf for my clones just for the 1st week so they can root and then I have a couple 100watt ones for my mother, where I wanted to put the larger lights like my 400 watt MH and HPS would be in my veggie room and flowering room.. after you read my opther post any advice would be much appreciated.

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