Light traveling down Ductin

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  1. I upgraded and got some new 6 inch duct today. Shortened the length by about a third.standing outside smoking, look up and there's a big 6" hole of light coming out my window. Ffs hoping nobody passing by noticed.

    Went into my room and omit looks like a faking giant glowing worm lol :s

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    My 5" duct had a few spots like this but fuck me this is bad... Or isn't normal :/
  2. Man take a peace of card board and make a dryer vent type deal from inside your tent and if that doesn't work make a cover outside too

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  3. You could also just make the ducting longer and make a almost 90 in it assuming this is your intake if it's your exshust you have much bigger problems like smell to worry about in that case buy a carbon filter no light getting thru that or smell

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  4. Go find some kind of filter material cut it to size and stick at end of vent make surw it allows airflow sufficiently
  5. Lol you've got a bit side tracked going from light to smell :/. Of course I have a scrubber, this is my light exhaust... The post is about light escaping!

    I tried with some windows netting


    But I'm don't think air was passing through enough,I'm gonna buy a one of them nets that are for ductin to stop bugs..
    For now I added about 3 Myra of 5" duct and snaked it.
  6. Well the scrubber should be on the exhaust and shouldn't let light out if it does your scrubber is not going to work right

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  7. Don't get a net use Window screen the nest block and slow your cfm alot I've tried the before not worth it

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  8. I don't understand what you thinking lol. I have scrubber - fan - light - duct out.
    If you really wanna see check out my journel, there's plant of pics.

    You mean window screen like I have in the above pic? I tried to make it tight with cable ties but the net still bulged a little. I'm scared that the air is not all escaping. And some is bouncing back down the duct :/ or well maybe not bouncing back but building up, slowing down :-s I really don't know...
  9. The problem is having something that lets sufficient air pass whilst also looking like it's not a duct stuck at my window
  10. You can build a fake curtain peace of ply wood a curtain and some Staples to cover up your duct doing outside I run mine inside and fresh air from a ac unit works great and temps stay pretty low

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  11. I go carbon filter light fan out

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