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  1. So I'm ready to go into flowering and I need to finish off dresser and install the light traps. I'm not sure what material to use. or the best way to really do the light traps with my set up. So I thought I'd pop on here and see if any one has some suggestions.

    1st pic is the active intake with a 4" axial fan meant for cooling entertainment centers.
    Other pics are of the hole I drilled to get the power strip in.

    Check out my grow journal to get a full visual of my set up.

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  2. got any "poly"/"panda"/black and white film?
    make a hole in the film just big enough to squeeze the cord through (obviously keep the white side facing out in the grow area for reflective purpose). if you wanna take an extra step, i guess you could tape up, and around the hole where the cord slides through the flm you put up, as an extra precaution, but i think Step1 is sufficient.
  3. Thanks Mcinnc +rep I like that idea

    I got my hands on some spare PVC piping from a friend. Should do the trick with a U bend. I'll post pics once its installed. As for the intake I think i'm gonna ghetto rig it with some paper towel rolls. They are the perfect diameter and easy to manipulate.
  4. ahh! i happen to be a huge fan of the "ghetto tech/fabricate" ways, good improvising! thanks for the reppage, keep us posted, and remember, Pics.. or it didnt happen! lulzz... :smoke:
  5. PVC bends will do the trick. Be sure to spray paint the inside of the PVC flat black.
  6. check out my grow journal got the pvc and ghetto rig going to trap the light
  7. I do what toasty does. PVC and flat black paint.

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