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    Is there anyway I can build a light trapper to stop light leaking in from my veg room into my flower room through the passive vents?
  2. You can hang curtains/blankets/tarps around the flower area. duct tape them to create a seal. it will help keep light out. Also the cheapest way is to go to fred meyer. The section with utility stuff. a large roll of black 4millimiter thick mylar costs 20$ and tax. will definitely keep the light out.
  3. They are two separate rooms that are sealed with the exception of two vents in each room. I want to open up the vent in between my veg and my flower room to help cool down my veg room a little bit. The problem is, too much light comes in from the veg room when flower lights are off.
  4. Two pvc pipe elbows or a simple cardboard box construction that forces the air to go through at least two 90 degree angles. Paint the insides flat black.
  5. Can you elaborate on the cardboard box construction? I have all of the stuff to do it
  6. 2, 90 degree turns. 3 to be safe

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