light too low??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Shrillmill, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I had my like like 19 in above my seedling.
    Burnt up.
    And my box got to like 95....
    Any advice?

    Hps 150w.

    Should I only use cfl's to start the seed?
  2. Vent out hot air and vent in fresh air. I pointed a fan right into my hood and that helped allot. But if your exhaust fan is good enough you shoudlnt have to do that.

    Better to start young plants under CFL or back your light way off.
  3. how big is the box u got the HPS in? could be over kill if its just a small box
  4. Its like 5 feel tall and 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep.

    I think It is too much..

    The box got to like 90.

    I turned the hps off and have a cfl on it.
    Im pretty sure I lost the seedling.

    Damn 8 dollar seed.
  5. Upgrade your ventilation.

    I also use a 150 and keep it about a foot from the plants. Wouldn't put seedlings under it. Use a few cfls till they get a few good sets of leaves then turn on the HPS.
  6. Are you referring to the light being to much?

    There is definitely no was you could be overdoing it with 150w HPS. That is 12 square feet. I am growing with a 400w HPS in 5sqft. and my room sits at 78 degrees. You need to be venting all of that hot air from the light out of the room and then bring cold air back in.

    What do you have set up for ventilation?
  7. very crude.
    I need to up my vents.
    Right now only a 120v is in there(pc fan).
    I got a inline duct fan today.
    and I might get something else.
  8. That's your problem, not the light. In fact, that light is significantly under-powered for your space. You need much better ventilation, which means drawing in cool air from outside the grow and exhausting out hot air, not just blowing air around inside the box.
  9. Will a 4in inline duct fan be enough to draw hot air out?
    Or will I need more power?
  10. There really is no way to know in the abstract, only trial-and-error on your actual grow will tell. Be sure to give it good intake and have light-traps on all intake and exhaust.

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