Light Socket to 120v adapter

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by .Noodles, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. I have this perfect room in my house for growing in, theres only one problem, it doesn't have a wall socket in it. It does however have a light socket, and I've seen the socket to ac converters at home depot, they're always 2 prong though. So, heres my question:

    Is there any way to get my light socket to run a 1000w hps lamp?
  2. Yes. There's nothing that makes the electricity coming out of the light socket any different from the electricity coming out of an outlet.
  3. I'm no electrical expert but running a 1000w ballast through a light socket seems like it might be too much amperage for the wiring to handle.
  4. You raise a valid concern, however I believe sockets with wattage limits are in place for heat concerns, not power. Since the electricity is just being passed on further down the line to the ballast and no heat is being created by a bulb, there should be no worries.

    To be sure it will work, make the little socket-to-outlet adapters can carry 120V@9A. If the adapter doesn't have a rating, take it apart and make sure everything is at least 16 AWG copper wiring. If it's not, then it would only be a quick solder job to replace the wiring and viola, you have what you need :)
  5. Do they sell 3 prong adapters? I can only find the two
  6. No, unfortunately they don't. Light bulbs only have a positive and a negative, no ground. Since it's AC, you can't just ground to the negative. You could, however, ghetto-wire the ground to something like a house-pipe.

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