Light Sizes??

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  1. i plan on growing big plants in a regular in wall non walkin closet what would be the best size mh/hps light and would u recommend a certain brand/ballast from a reliable website? tnxx:confused:
  2. It would depend on how well you can ventilate the area. I'd say your best bet is a 250w. If you'd have a hard time ventilating and keeping the temp down I'd say go with a 150w. If you can get an AC vent plumbed to the closet you could prob go up to a 400w. I've always used Sun Systems HPS when using HID lighting. Right now I'm only doing CFLs b/c of the limited space in my new house, but I managed to cram 276w into my 2'x2' flowering cab.
  3. ive read that you should never go below a 250 watt. Anything less is said to be terribly inneficient and a waste of money. But i agree about the ventilation aspect.
  4. my tent is probably close to the size of your closet (2x3x5)(roughly), I use an air cooled 400w without issue,
  5. awesome i should be able 2 get as much ventilation as i need so il check out some 250w and up.also thxx ohraesisstrakur for recommending sun systems im checking some out right now and they look great!
  6. It all depends on the amount of plants you're growing. Keep in mind that each plant should have at least 50w of energy.
  7. right so would that mean i could grow about 5 3-4ft plants under one 250w mh/hps?

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