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    Putting together a cabinet grow. Plan on having bottom as my flower stage and top as my veg. I have attached pictures showing what I need to seal and am looking for suggestions as to what I can use to accomplish the task.

    What you are looking at is the door after it is closed.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    EDIT: This is a metal cabinet, not one I built unfortunately.


  2. Why did you make such a huge gap between the flooring of the separator in the cab, That is a huge space to be sealing up, Most sealants only cover medium to small cracks. I would say cut some wood to fit into the big gaps, mount/paint the wood white, then when it is all set seal the smaller cracks with caulking. Or just make a whole new separator with teething to cover those gaps bro.
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    It's a metal cabinet. I didn't make it. I'm working with what I have. If there is a will there is a way.
    Thanks for the ideas.

    I'm thinking maybe some plywood, cut to fit, and mount it on top of the metal shelve. Possibly....

    Another thought I had was some insulation of some sort that I'd mount on the door, making a flat surface that should be easier to match up with the shelf.

    Last but not least; I thought about building a layer of This and once it's set cut it to the correct shape.
  4. Yes, you can cut some plywood to the proper dimensions then rabbit cut the plywood with teething and apply on top of the metal shelving then just seal up the small gaps..It sounds difficult but it is really intermediate woodworking. Or you can cut the wood to the same dimensions of the metal shelving then just put some brackets on the bottom of the wood where you need to cover the gaps, and then cut small pieces of wood that can cover up those larger gaps and then apply it to the brackets....unless you are good at creating wood joints.

    Sorry it sounds so complicated but it really is easier then you think, It's just hard to explain it without showing someone how to do it. If you are still having trouble I can mock something up for you as a example of what can be done. Just PM me. Brackets are the easier newbie way to fix that huge gap.

    Edit: Don't fill gaps with that great stuff, It doesn't lock out light the light goes right through that, it's a waste of time and money.
  5. cardboard and gaffers tape...

    cut the cardboard the total length of the cabinet... then use a protractor and simply trace the wall and it leaves a line on the cardboard to cut... also doubles as a nice template if you decide to cut wood to fill the gap

    gaffer's tape is like duct tape, but leaves to residue when you pull it off... movie studios use it.. might be hard to find, but worth it in the end if you decide you need to pull some tape

    i always carry a roll of it...

    ps.. it also holds severe cuts closed...:eek:

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