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  1. I'm thinking about just doing 24 hr light for my veg stage?? Is that ok?? Or would it be better to use 18/6?? I wanna get the most yield I can. I'm also going to be growing purple haze and white widow if that matters any. Also be using cfls.
  2. 18/6 would be good.. your plant need some night life in them helps them grow better cause they won't have to be concentrating on photosynthesis night time is when they absorb water and nuts. You might even find better results on 18/6 than 24
  3. 18/6 and 24/0 both work well. There is an ongoing debate if one is better than the other, no definitive answer so pick whichever makes more sense to you.
  4. true.
    but power saves 18/6
  5. Alright. Thanks guys. I think I'm just gonna try 24/0

  6. I do 24/0 for 2 weeks and then 18/6 for another 2 weeks and then on to 12/12 then about 4 weeks of flowering i switch to 11/13 and then on to 10/14 for the last couple of weeks.

    (nice hard nugs).

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