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Light schedule.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by malski, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Hi all :wave:. I have had my clone under a 150 hps for 2 weeks and am getting some nice growth at last. Using DWC and intending to LST. Should I switch my light to 18/6 or 20/4? Or should I just leave it on 24 hours a day? My grow space is an unused shower that measures approx 3x3x7ft. Thanks.
  2. You can go over to 18/6 with no adverse affects it will also save you some money.
  3. Personally I use 20/4 for Veg, Had excellent results doing this. I think 4 hours is enough for the plant to do minor repairs and for equipment to cool down.
  4. It's all up to you, dude, and how much $$ you wanna spend on electricity. Plants will thrive either way. There's a lot of argument over what schedules work best, but ultimately it's just up to you.
  5. Plants will grow (photosynthesize) all the time they have light. There is no need for a dark period. A light schedule of 24/7 will give you closer internodal growth than other light cvycles while vegging.
  6. Thanks Hempstress. Thats what I thought. How far away from my plant should my light be? Thanks again.
  7. Oops...double posting. I'm a dweeb! But I had to so I could say "Thanks Heaps" to all who replied to my question.

  8. For the 150w HPS, about 6"-8". Hold your hand flat, backside up, just above the canopy of your plants - if your hand begins to burn, it's too close.
  9. i vegged my plants 24/0 hrs and my node growth is very close. my plants loved it, however it does cost more to run than 18/6
  10. Much obliged friend!:wave:
  11. Just so you have no questions, all the answers here are correct but it does come down to how much $ you want to spend. I personally veg 24/7. The hand, palm down method works too but make sure you leave it there a minute to warm up and get a real feel for what the plants are experiencing.
  12. Thanks LBH. Kudos on your LST tute. Gonna give that a try. This is my first indoors grow. I don't intend to get too hi-tech. Just a bubble bucket and some LST. I would guess from the pics in your tute that the plant you used in the tute was grown from seed? What about LSTing with clones? Naturally you wouldn't have the symmetry of a plant grown from seed. But is it still basically the same as far as topping and training goes?
  13. Exactly. You lose the symmetry, which is kind of the whole point of "4-way" specific lst but a clone you just generally lst it if it's going under a screen. Top/fimm and train her wherever you want her to go.

    If you've grown outdoors before, you'll have a blast with a single bucket and a screen. It's all the fun "play with me" stuff you usually can't afford to do outside because of time in the garden and it doesn't look as natural and blend in like most need their crop to when there's a screen in there. I've seen it done with green fishing net but this is different, you get to watch and tweak it every day.

    Have a blast with that and get ready to clear out a bedroom. Once you realize just how much you can manipulate these things, you're going to want a bunch to play with. ;) :D

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