Light schedule semi-messed up

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  1. Okay so I germinated a few seeds and planted one so far. It's been growing for about 3 days with 16/8 light/dark schedule. It's about 1.2 inches tall I'd guess. I start the light at 11 pm before I get in bed, and then at 3 o clock pm I turn it off until 11. I do not have a timer so i've been turning on and off manually. earlier today at 3 pm (right now it's 8pm in my time), I turned it off, then I left my house at 5pm and am not going to be home until tommorow at about 3pm, So i was wondering since I will not be home tonight at 11 to turn it on, would it be good left in the dark until 3pm tommorow?
  2. Since they are so young, they may die due to lack of light. HOWEVER they may live, and spring back to life once you flip that light on. I, personally, would say that they will be okay. I would put my faith in it, anyway.
    You'll find out tomorrow, basically, and good luck. If they were older I would say for sure they would be okay, but seeing as they are only 3 days...ehhhh....

    But you should DEFINITELY invest in a timer, a digital one if possible. You will save yourself loads of stress and time with it. You will be glad you did once you flower.
  3. Alright thanks bro.

    Goodnight world.

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