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  1. Can I safely change the hours of light...

    Currently on 12/12 forced flower
    8am-8pm I need to adjust to help with my schedule... Just one hour difference would help me greatly....9-9... only on the 9th day of flowering!

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  2. no difference...Can do just don't fuck with the schedule too much.

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  3. Yes if you haven't stressed them out and there healthy no prob

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  4. Just a cloudy day
  5. Thanks guys! How about completely flipping the schedule? Right now it is on during the day and off at night. My room is light sealed. Is it to late? I don't need to switch just wanted to know if it's something that has been done successfully?!
  6. that means it will be in the dark for 24 hours which is worse than forgetting the lamp on ...they will stretch like Armstrong and that stretch will be yellow...and NOT good ...stay away from that kind of swing.!!

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  7. The only way to successfully switch the cycle from AM to PM would be to gradually do it by a Half hour a would take almost a month to get it totally switched up, but wouldn't stress it out to bad .....I've never tried it, but if I was going to try it that's how I'd go about doing it
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  8. Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking...I'm not going to... just changed by one hour for time I will think further ahead!

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    If in flower use a 24 hour dark period to shift the schedule by twelve hours. Twelve hours of extra darkness will not cause any problem as others suggest. If the plant is in the vegetative stage, run two daylight cycles together to shift the schedule by 12 hours, or just add an extra hour or two to the daylight schedule to the reach desired start time and reset the timer.

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  10. 24 hours of dark before the change and your good.
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  11. Changing the schedule by an hour is perfectly fine and won't cause any problems if the first day has an extra light hour or an extra dark hour.

    But if you were to flip the dark period by 12 hours, do it so you get two dark periods consecutively and not two light periods consecutively during the changeover. Doing it this way will not cause any problems, I have left plants in darkness for 24 hours many times
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