Light schedule nightmare

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  1. Hey GC :) 

    My Chinese light timers took a big shit on me :( the girls went an extra 2 hours in dark I'm unsure what would be best.....

    Lights should have come on at 10am, instead it was 12.......should I change the light schedule to 12 -12, or just give them 10 hours for today?

    Your thoughts are very much appreciated :)
  2. just give them 10 hours today, and make sure we get some new timers so it doesn't happen again
  3. Cheers bro....I was leaning that way but wasn't sure by any means timers are ordered, and not from China! 
  4. Once in a while isn't bad, I mean think if they were outside. It was a really dark cloud. Lol
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    but they are inside :confused_2: even if it was cloudy outside, there is still light and the plants are still absorbing that and turning it into energy. at night they are not. they transform that energy into a healthy root system and production of buds
    the thing about this is we can simulate the sun's energy but not it's rise/fall cycle. would be futile to try.
    the suns cycle doesn't deviate or change. it is consistent day in and day out.
    when inside, any little, or drastic, change can stress the plant in some way
    not trying to be hostile, too early for that :p , just wanted to clarify.
  6. Right. So I meant if they were outside they are not getting constant EXACT light and lumens so I meant they missed two hours of light isn't that bad cause IF they were growing naturally outdoors , funky weather happens. So unless this is something you plan on doing a lot I wouldn't worry about it. Some strains can be stressed easier than others I'm sure but like I said a little goof isn't gonna turn them.
    Or throw them away.

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