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Light Sack?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BerryZ, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Yesterday I purchased an 1/8th from a dealer that I only use when my main guy isn't available, and my main guy happens to be on vacation for a month. So anyways I planned on using this guy as long as I had to, and I have picked up from him before, but only a g here and a g there. Yesterday I met him to pick up an 1/8th of dank for $55. He had it in a sandwich bag like most people, and I used the trustworthy bottom of the bag filled about 1.5 inches to confirm it was an 1/8th. Well I quickly glanced at it and sure enough the bottom was filled up across about 1.5 inches high. We were in a kind of sketch place so I didn't have a chance to thoroughly look at it and I pocketed it till I got home. When I got home I weighed it like I always do, and it came up to about 2.8. I looked at the bag closer and realized it was not a normal sandwich bag but something one size smaller I guess. I msg'd the guy saying the sack was light and I want him to scale it next time, but he said he doesn't carry scales b/c if ur caught with scale and tree it's automatic intention to sell, no matter the amount you have. I understand where he's coming from, and he promises the sack will be right next time, but do you guys think I should try again with him or just wait 4 weeks till my guy comes home? :confused:
  2. I don't think that bag trick works at all. If I ever got shorted .7, I wouldn't think twice about never going back to him.
  3. eh i dunno, it has worked for me until now, and i've bought countless 1/8ths, when the bag is filled like that it always came out to between 3.3-3.7
  4. bring your scale ?

    or just buy like 2 grams and see if it's straight .
  5. he doesn't sound very honest to me. my guy would replace it for free it if was light. you guys agreed upon a specific price for a specific amount of weed. you came through and he didnt.. and then blows you off about the scale thing. fuck him
  6. Sure, go ahead and try him again.

    I'm gonna say most likely he's just an asshole and shorted your sack. But who knows, maybe a mistake was made. I know in this culture, we are used to shady people so we are quick to jump to think people are ripping us off. Most likely that's true... but not always.

    If he has a problem with him bringing his scale, Just show up with yours the next time and ask if it's cool to weight out real quick. See how he reacts, if he acts pissed, acts more than just the normal amount of paranoid, and the weight comes up short, then You'll know he's just a dick and trying to rip you off.
  7. I would bring my scale, but it is essentially a kitchen scale and not very portable lol. He claims he will give me a fat sack next time to make up for it, if he makes it fat I think it will be very obvious if it is an 1/8 or time I meet him I'll just meet him 1 on 1 in a bathroom or something so I have time to look closely before purchasing, and of course I'll come armed with my big ass knife just in case he doesn't take too kindly to me not liking being fucked over.
  8. Maby he didn't know and didn't do it on purpose, you did confirm it and gave him the money which is your fault,not like it was a 2 sec transaction, and he got the fuck outa there, because u took the weed home, how would he give "Free weed" to compensate for all he knows your the one shittin him, but yeah just bring your own scale.

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