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  2. If you change out the bulb then what you are getting is a mogul socket and reflector. Shop around...
  3. There are better deals.
  4. are there? so you guys are saying I can basically create this for much cheaper. I just didnt know if the high watt cfl's needed any kind of ballast that this had...
  5. It appears to just be a bit of bent aluminium. No ballast or lamp. Make your own.

    CFLs DO have a ballast but it is small and in the base. Not like the separate ballast needed for HIDs.
  6. There are some high watt CFLs w/o attached ballasts.HD has some and the cheap price explains it well.
  7. Thanks for the correction - never seen any this side of the pond though.
  8. The CFLs made to be replacements for household incandescents are self-ballasted, otherwise they never would succeed in replacing home incandescents. Larger ones made for outdoor security and such need a separate ballast.
  9. Toasty, makes a lot of sense.
  10. I am planning to do LST so do you guys think CFL's would be plenty of light since the plant wont be as tall? otherwise I'll have to look into some kinda mh/HPS conversion setup.
  11. When you spot a BIG cheap CFL we aware it proly needs a ballast so read it closely.;)
  12. Short LSTed plants do very well with a good CFL set up.
  13. thank you ocitown. thats the kinda reply i was lookin for cause thats what I was thinkin... awesome. cause I'm doing a small grow so I dont need a whole lot of light. just three plants.

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