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light question...

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by WeeD BreeD #1, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. hey john would that $35 150 watt HPS work 4 growing in a space like 2 and a 1/2 by2 1/2 ft id realy appreciate if u could tell me im just tryin to figure sum of this stuff out cuz im a newbie grower and i dont have alot of money so lookin at ur threa realy helped me thx man bye
  2. in that amount of space i think 2 150w lights would be best.... 1 light would gve 24w / ft² where as 2 lights would give 48w / ft²... so id get either 2 150w lights for $70 or an economy 400w HPS from inside sun for $90
  3. Thoose e-colights look like a great value and I might buy a 150 from them soon. But, I've heard that they can have serious heat issues. Oh well, for 30 something bucks, I'll risk it.

    Anyways, the hippie's right. For your space you should snag up this bargin before somebody else does. You probally won't find a better deal that than unless, you build it yourself, or buy it used.


    P.S. Can anybody verify that e-conolight style lights give off more heat than the standard reflector/ballast set up? And does anybody have a link on how to make an e-conolight into a ballast/reflector setup? Is it even possible?

  4. just search on the net for "homemade light hood" or "homemade light system".....
  5. thanks john :)

    Edit* I searched "homemade light" "homemade light reflector" "homemade light hood" "homemade light system" and came up with nothing....

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