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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by overgrowray, Feb 1, 2002.

  1. highlo, does anyone know how many watts are in a 46 inch fluorescent bulb. I have a whole bunch of them and i was trying to think up whut they could be used for.
  2. If you know the manufacturer of the bulb, chances are you could look up the bulb specs on their website. Those seemingly random #s on the bulb are probably a part #, and the wattage may be encoded in there.

    Or you could just plug them all in and pick out the brightest ones to use.
  3. u did sound like a smartass, if it said it on the fucking bulb i wouldn't of come here. hehe, but yeah i'm gonna search aorund online now.
  4. If it is a common fluoro bulb, it should be around 34 watts/per bulb. Some get a little higher, you can find them around 40 watts.
  5. i was thinkin 40 watts, thats cool i'll just say 30 to 40. i hope its that low because to grow anything with them you gotta use lots of them. my dad was talking about starting corn with them or something this summer, lol, i dunno.
  6. Try getting one with two lights using one warm and one cool spectrum it works for me very well and using 40 watts each for a small area.

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