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light question

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by charlie067, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. hey guys do u think i will need ballest or whatever its called for 250 watt hps the ballest is tolower the watts of the light somehow or something right? will i need this for 250 watt hps?
  2. do u thing i will need a ballest for 250 watt hps?
  3. What's the square footage of the area you want to grow in (length x width)?
  4. well im only growing 4 plants and i only want them to be about 4 feet tall i started them under flourecent light 24 days ago and there looking good but im moveing them and adding hps 250 watt i want to know if i need ballest for this the plant have the 5th node of leaves in now
  5. Yes, you will most likely need a lamp with a ballast. I'd recommend a 400W since you're growing 4 plants and you want them to get to 4 feet, but 2 of those could be males so I guess a 250W will do.

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